2011-04-19Aseptic Line- a healthy approach to design

Our innovative solutions are not limited only to stylish furniture accessories of original design. Our goals are much more ambitious! Our latest offer, ASEPTIC LINE, combines beauty and functionality giving priority to care for our Customers’ health.

The wide range of GAMET furniture accessories, perfectly matching both modern and classical interiors, now also includes the ASEPTIC LINE series resistant to whole range of dangerous bacteria such as Enterococcus faecalis causing food poisoning and urinary tract infections. The series furniture accessories has bactericidal effect on three health-hazardous bacterial strains including Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae. The dangerous microbes cause diseases such as pneumonia, hospital infections, urinary tract infections, diarrhoea, and, among people with lower immunity, also other dangerous infections.

Owing to the application of a unique galvanic coating technology without nickel and chrome, the ASEPTIC LINE products also minimize the risk of contact allergy to the two chemical elements.

Nickel, found in metal alloys used for production of, among others, clothing accessories, jewellery, spectacle frames, is currently the most frequent cause of contact allergy. 8 % of children and 13 % of adults of the world’s population is allergic to nickel. The figures include as much as 65 million Europeans. Upon contact with the metal, an allergic person may suffer from severe itching, skin reddening, swelling, and skin lesions such as nodules, blisters, and scaling. Once contracted, contact allergy cannot be eliminated. Consequently, we can only avoid the allergen or treat the allergy symptoms. Our new line of ASEPTIC LINE furniture accessories is the very response to this increasingly widespread phenomenon of the contemporary civilization.

The series products guarantee safe contact for people prone to allergies caused by the two elements mentioned above.

Both the resistance of the ASEPTIC LINE accessories surface to the development of the bacteria named above and the lack of nickel and chrome in the galvanic coatings of the products find confirmation in official tests we have performed.

The ASEPTIC LINE series products come in three galvanic coatings: glossy (WB00P), satin (WB00S) and brushed (WB00R). The colours can be applied to selection of furniture accessories from GAMET range of products such as bar handles with cc up to 512 mm (e.g. RE10, RE81), handles (e.g. UN17, UG43, US10, UZ94) and knobs (e.g. GA09, GG43).

We look forward to cooperating with furniture manufacturers, furniture accessories wholesale outlets, individual customers as well as administrators of hospital, clinics, pharmacy or hotels. It should pointed that the customers and personnel of public facilities are among those people who are particularly exposed to contact with health-hazardous microorganisms. Our offer of ASEPTIC LINE furniture accessories also targets schools and nursery schools as children tend to have lower immunity and are thus particularly susceptible to dangerous bacteria and contact allergies to nickel and chrome.

Have a look at a selection of ASEPTIC LINE products.

Aseptic Line- a healthy approach to design
Aseptic Line- a healthy approach to design
Aseptic Line- a healthy approach to design